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    Gas Conversion - Chimney Repair?

    I want to convert my wood burning fireplace to a natural gas insert. I've had two reputable companies come out and bid on the job. My chimney has some significant structural damage, and both suggested a partial rebuild of the chimney stack and crown (around $7k). That it is in addition to the...
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    Can I convert VC Wood burning stove to vented gas?

    May be I am crazy, but I love my 1980 VC stove. My city does not allow a wood burning stove. I can replace the entire stove with a new gas burning stove. Before I give up my beloved VC, I wanted to see if there is a way to to put a gas burner in my stove. Am I smoking something? Has anyone ever...
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    Vigilant (1977) Conversion to Coal Stove

    I recently acquired a Vigilant Stove configured for coal. It had ash everywhere (like piled up solid between all the walls), so I took it apart to clean. Back firewall has "1977" stamped on it and is two part. The shaker rack for the coals is three bars from side to side (not the multiple...
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    contractor maybe misled by owners' manual (posted earlier in wrong forum)

    Hi I have a 32" deep x 56" wide X 9' tall alcove where there used to be a fireplace and chimney. The chimney had issues so we had installed a lopi patriot stove and chimney liner and now for seismic upgrades have removed the chimney. We now want to reinstall the lopi to code. And at some future...
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    VC Stardance Natural Vent LP to NG conversion

    Hi all, I have a Vermont Castings Stardance Natural Vent Gas Heater (model 3074) that I picked up on Craigslist and had been previously converted to LP according to the previous owner. I figured it would be easy to convert back to natural gas using a conversion kit, but my local stove shop said...
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    Insert to Free standing stove conversion help

    Greeting, I have admittedly been away for a few years but when I was a regular visitor I recall an article/post about converting an existing masonry fireplace into a usable flue for a free standing woodstove. My current setup is a red bricked hearth that has a Regency I3100 pushing heat out...
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    VC Stardance - Can I convert back to natural gas?

    I've seen some older posts about converting VC stoves back to gas from propane, but not sure if there's any new info out there. I picked up a used Stardance on Craigslist. Realized when I went to pick it up that, while it was advertised as "gas," it's set up for propane. Guess I should have...