Gas Conversion - Chimney Repair?

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New Member
Nov 14, 2021
Minneapolis, MN
I want to convert my wood burning fireplace to a natural gas insert. I've had two reputable companies come out and bid on the job. My chimney has some significant structural damage, and both suggested a partial rebuild of the chimney stack and crown (around $7k). That it is in addition to the cost of the conversion. I can't get a straight answer for why this is necessary. Couldn't an insert just vent directly outside and then seal off the chimney? Any advice?


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Dec 2, 2008
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I don't know of any gas inserts that can be vented that way. Gas fireplaces can, but you would have to destroy the insides to get the vent thru to the outside. You might want to remove everything - in & out - especially if your chimney is that bad. It might be best to remove it before it allows water thru to damage the structure behind it. My $.02