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    Parts Needed for Enterprise Savoy Cookstove

    The (I believe cast iron) baffles that hang inside of the firebox of the stove have warped, cracked and broken away. They take the brunt of the flame so the sheet metal exterior and oven wall don't have to. The Enterprise Fawcett factory burned down (sadly, ironically) in 2012 and I have had a...
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    Brookline Home B Cookstove

    Hi all, The 2nd of 2 cookstove I currently have. This particular one was in use for a couple yrs about 3 yrs ago, before I swapped it out with a Hearthstone Mansfield for better heating ability in the winter. Moved the cookstove to the other side of the double-sided fireplace, into the living...
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    Fuller & Warren Service Stewart Cookstove

    Hi all, I haven't been able to find another one of these on the internet yet, so I figured I'd post a couple photos of it here. This is 1 of 2 cookstoves I have (had a 3rd at one time), I'll get to posting about the 2nd one in a separate thread. Can never have too many stoves LOL. We picked...
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    Soapstone and Water Heating Considerations on Buying a Wood Stove

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to decide on a wood stove for my home expansion project. It will need to do the following: Heat a minimum of 1600 square feet (800 downstairs, 800 upstairs, square floorplan) - stove will be centrally located Heat a maximum of 2200 square feet if I add a 600 square...
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    Napoleon 1150 cookstove

    Wondering if any users of this stove can tell me: can you load wood through the trivets, like the cookstove my grandparents had? Or, are you looking down onto a baffle, or something< I've called Napoleon and a seller of this stove, who has it crated up; neither could give an answer. It's a...
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    Repair crumbling firebrick?

    Anybody out there made or repaired their own firebrick in a cookstove? A couple months ago I found replacement firebricks for an old Findlay Oval, about $250. Since then Heartland (who has been making the Oval) has been bought by Aga and those same firebricks are now $850+ I've seen some...
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    Antique gas cookstove (Glenwood Duplex) with an oven problem

    My problem is with an 82-year-old Glenwood Duplex, a great old hunk of cast iron, which ran for years on natural gas and has been converted to propane. The top burners are OK. The oven has two speeds: high when it's working to reach temperature and low when it's just maintaining temp. At high...