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  1. R

    Anyone recognize my Country brand stove?

    No identification plate to be found -- any help identifying the model number and approximate year of manufacture would be greatly appreciated.
  2. M

    Pricing a Country S210 Performer

    Hello, I am helping my neighbor with the sale of his Country S210 Performer. What is a ballpark for low and high range for this wood stove? Serial #S210 7888 Thank you!
  3. H

    Country Stove ID and Parts Finding Help Request

    Greetings, My wife was given a wood stove insert that fits our fireplace. It's mostly complete. From what I could find online, I THINK it's a Country Elite E260, but there's a few discrepancies... 1. The side label says Country T-Top 2. The secondary burn tubes aren't the same as shown in the...
  4. S

    Secondary Burn Tube Replacement

    I just bought a home with an approximately 10-11 year old Canyon Country series 310. The secondary burn tubes (4) were shot so I ordered a new set along with new baffle board and blanket. Even though two were rusted through and the other two looked pretty bad, I had to cut them out. I am...
  5. E

    Indentity Help

    Hello all, I'm new and am in desperate need to find out what this stove's model number may be. The UL plate has been severely damaged. Another wonderful member recommended trying to do an etching but that wouldn't work with how severely scratched it is. Would anyone have any information? I...
  6. C

    Help Us Solve Our Country Striker 160 Mystery!

    We have tried everything but do have a unique set up!!! Our Country Striker S / SA 160 is not getting hot/heating the living space it should at all (700-1400sf). We cannot get a fire to the recommended burn range - even if it looks like it's raging. Our facts/efforts/set up are below. (I did...