Country Stove ID and Parts Finding Help Request

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Sep 19, 2020
Eureka, CA

My wife was given a wood stove insert that fits our fireplace. It's mostly complete. From what I could find online, I THINK it's a Country Elite E260, but there's a few discrepancies...

1. The side label says Country T-Top
2. The secondary burn tubes aren't the same as shown in the online manuals I found. There's only two tubes, manual show three + some metal which a 4 piece baffle board setup sits on. The door also opens the opposite way as from other images of Country stoves I've seen (handle is on the left).
3. There's an extra piece of steel that I think sat somewhere on top of the burn tubes, but since the baffle board and blanket are missing, I'm not sure where it goes

I suspect that this is a Country T-Top C-46. Only reason I know that exists is because there is a number on the side sticker and it's listed on an old EPA list, but I CANNOT for the life of me find any manuals or parts. I think it shares many of the same parts as a Country E260, such as the fire brick and screws. I'm planning on ordering the bricks for the E260 to replace the broken bricks from this one.

I had to remove the bricks as they were all cracked. I need replacement bricks, baffle board, and baffle blanket. I also need to figure out how the baffle board and blanket are installed and where that piece of metal goes.

Any help would be appreciated

Images are attached.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Yes, that looks like a C-46 insert. It was a very early clean burn design and ahead of its time. Have you tried contacting Country directly? They no longer sell retail, the Country line was bought by Lennox then sold to IHP and now marketed under the IronStrike label. The factory is still in business. Maybe someone there can help you out.
1502 14th St NW, Auburn, WA 98001

I don't know much about this old insert, but it looks like it is missing firebrick and perhaps a baffle. The metal piece looks like a deflector, perhaps for airwash? Hopefully, someone at Country can help you out.