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  1. N

    Wood stove info/identify

    This stove was in our home when we moved in. We are planning to move it/sell it but I was hoping to identify it first. After reading other forums it appears to possibly be a fisher. Measures 24" wide 30" long and about 33" tall at highest point. There are no initials or date from what I could see
  2. C

    Help identifying fireplace insert!

    Hello! My wife and I purchased our first home earlier this year and have been enjoying burning some wood this fall on the chilly nights. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of fireplace insert this is as I am unable to find any sort of markings on the insert itself to lend...
  3. H

    Country Stove ID and Parts Finding Help Request

    Greetings, My wife was given a wood stove insert that fits our fireplace. It's mostly complete. From what I could find online, I THINK it's a Country Elite E260, but there's a few discrepancies... 1. The side label says Country T-Top 2. The secondary burn tubes aren't the same as shown in the...
  4. L

    Help Identifying Older Stove

    Hi, I found this stove and can't seem to figure out what the brand/model is... if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to figure out what blower to attach to the back. Thanks
  5. Bostonceltics151

    Help- can anyone identify this stove?

    hello all, I am in the market to purchase a small stove for my father, this popped up online today locally for $60.. but I have no idea what it is, and neither does the seller.. anyone have any idea? See pictures attached.
  6. S

    Help identify my maul

    Hey just wondering if someone could help identify my maul. Picked it up used seems like old steel but the guy didn’t know what it was. It’s heavy and tears up wood but wondering if anyone knew what it was.
  7. B

    Help me Date and identify this wood stove

    I bought a small wood stove in this area in Jacksonville, FL. We have few Civil war Battle fields in the area and this place was a hangout during the great depression due to work and weather. What I know is this. It has 3 out of 4 original looking legs. I think it has a replacement vent...
  8. Barrie WETT Inspector

    Identify a Wood Stove

    Hello, Can anyone identify this particular Wood Stove. Appreciate your time :) Not sure if image will be visible. Here is link