Country Stoves Striker S160 1997 - manual and replacement parts

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Oct 5, 2022
I have just moved into a house with a Country Stoves' Striker S160 (1997). Some pieces are obviously missing, like door gasket and inside bricks, and I'm looking for a manual to review and confirm what else may be missing. I searched through old posts on the Striker S160, but the links to manuals are no longer active. Would anyone have a pdf version that they're willing to share? I'd also appreciate suggestions on where to purchase replacement parts either online or in Snohomish area (WA) for that specific wood stove.
The Striker S160 is still sold in its modern version by Ironstrike.

I have a 2011 manual, but that is 14 yrs newer than your stove. They may have changed the baffle material or insulation.

Here's the firebrick info.

Country Stoves Striker S160 1997 - manual and replacement parts