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    Pacific Energy Speed Control

    I own a Pacific Energy Wood burning stove. I’m not sure the model, I am a bit of a newb. Anyways I had an accident and broke the knob off the speed control, which can also turn the fan off too. I’ve ordered the new replacement unit, but it won’t arrive for like 10 days. My question is, is...
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    Attaching Insert to Liner

    Hi All, I am about to install my just delivered Osburn 2700 Matrix insert! The insulated liner has also arrived, the chimney is cleaned and prepared(damper is out!). I have a pretty straight shot into the insert so everything is lining up well. The difficulty I am foreseeing is attaching the...
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    Help with installing a new stove in alcove

    Hello, I am planning on installing a new wood stove (quadra fire discovery II) in my home. I attached some pictures for reference. I am not looking to have this be something that is our primary heat source, but have it be something that looks nice and is functional. My questions are... - Once I...