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  1. R

    Considering removing wood insert - where do I start?

    Hello! I am excited to have found this website and am hoping to get my beginner questions answered here as I don't know where else to turn. I bought a 1954 house a year ago. It was previously a rental and in general, needs a lot of TLC. There is an old fireplace with a wood insert. The roof was...
  2. C

    Thoughts on offset boxes?

    Hey all, Thought I’d tap your collective genius. I recently had a Jotul C550 Rockland insert installed. The flue was off by about an inch so the installer used an offset box. I’ve heard other people say they’ve used them without issue, but I’m wondering if they can cause draft limitations...
  3. D

    Ash getting into burn chamber - Harmon TL300

    I've had a Harmon TL300 now for around 13 years, and am replacing the burn chamber, shoe brick, and other cracked bricks for the 2nd time now. This time the repair is coming to around $1400... I could buy a new stove for that - but I like this top loader... I'm looking to you all to see if...
  4. Bluelighttaxi

    Fireplace air intake?

    Hello All, I have recently pulled a propane fireplace insert that was installed in my house prior to purchase. We have a beautiful natural stone open fireplace that is the center point of our open concept living area. My wife and I want to go back to the occasional real wood fire in the...
  5. J

    Plugging air drafts around ventless fireplace

    My wife and I recently moved in to our first home about 7 months ago, built in 1998/99, with several updates. It features a Temco American Dream Built-In Unvented Fireplace with Prime Heat Unvented Gas Log Heater. The fireplace is located in our living room, which has a two-story ceiling with...
  6. K

    Smoke Up One Flue and Down The Other -- Help!

    Hi, First time poster, and also first-time homeowner (...if I had only known!) Anyways -- I have a dual-flue chimney that supports an upstairs fireplace, as well as a basement wood stove. Facing the chimney indoors, the upstairs fireplace is the right flue, and the basement stove is the...
  7. J

    Sealing around insert

    Is it efficient to mortar around an insert so that it's sealed into the chimney?
  8. 19glendale

    Draft Start Help

    Hello. My stove drafts just fine once it's going, but I have had 2 cases where it smoked up the house first. One was damp kindling on a rainy day and today, not sure, but might have had to do with the gas furnace being on and/or the wind situation. It was 25 outside and 72 inside, but I could...
  9. StinkyFlueStu

    Follow up on my stinky flu/fireplace

    Hi! Back in April, I started a thread about my stinky flue. I got some very helpful people responding, but it became clear that I had left some info out, plus pics were requested. I meant to just update that thread, but I got sidelined due to multiple family emergencies. So, here's a brand new...