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    Problem firing older Hearthstone - house gets smokey as fire dies down

    Hi all, I appreciate you reading this. I had an older Heartstone (Pheonix I) installed in a new home and this is my first fall firing it up. I've fired it up twice now and had the same problem both times: it starts fine and burns very well. When the house is warm enough and I don't want to add...
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    Attack Wood Gasifier DP45 Profi Operation/Draft/Troubleshooting Help

    Hi All! First off, this site is sweet & has already helped me fix a bunch of little problems allowing me to run my gasifier all winter (inherited from a previous occupant of my house), so I figured why not see if the smarter, more experienced folks have to say about my troubles. I am not a very...
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    Drafting Issues with 1999 Waterford Ashling

    This stove was in a home we bought and from looking at the online user manual [http://ucadmin.waterfordstanley.com/media/2030204/ashling-sf-manual-with-hotplate.pdf] this model does not have the built in damper or any apparent air regulation. See 1st photo. We have no idea how oxygen gets into...