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  1. O

    USG Durock safe for fireplace wall?

    Hello all, Does anyone know or can anyone comment on whether or not it’s advisable to use USG Durock on a fireplace wall/surround as a substrate for stacked stone - specifically, above an EPA high efficient wood fireplace? I feel silly asking, but USG’s user guide specifically says that Durock...
  2. R

    Reducing the clearance behind my wood stove help

    I'm putting in a new Pleasant hearth 2200 wood stove and I need some advice on the clearance behind the stove. The specs say It needs 16 inches to combustibles behind it. I am planning on using Micore 300 over ½" drywall (that covers 2x4 wood studs). Then ½" durock over the Micore, and finally...
  3. D

    Heat barrier questions

    I'm installing a hearth pad and a wall barrier for my new (old) Vermont Castings and have been unable to find answers to a couple of questions. For the pad, I plan on using 1/2" Durock or Hardie board on top of 1/2 or 3/4" plywood or OSB on a 2X6 frame. I've read that you should use mortar and...
  4. R

    opening for vent in alcove

    Hi I am close to finishing an alcove I have been building to replace our fireplace and chimney (earthquake safety). I have posted a few times and the responses were fantastic--thanks again. I am now about to durock the front wall of the alcove where there will be a vent at top and have two...
  5. R

    prepping an alcove with convection wall in earthquake country

    Hi I am building an alcove where we removed a 1910 fireplace (new foundation and excavation) for a seismic upgrade. We are less than a mile from the Hayward Fault. The alcove is 57" wide by 31" deep and 9 feet to the ceiling. I have a Lopi Patriot but may upgrade to a larger and better stove at...
  6. R

    permabase--seen both OK and not on the site

    HI I am building an alcove which will have 1" air gap convection wall covered with tile for a Lopi Patriot stove. The contractor picked up Permabase from the local lumberyard. I read here both that perm abase is OK and not Ok because of the polystyrene. Should I stop the project and have only...
  7. BillGriggs

    Correct Tape for Joining Concrete Backerboard in Hearth

    I need to join two panels of durock for my hearth extension pad. After looking at joint tape, I selected this one because it is listed as fire resistant. However, after doing some more research, it sounds like this kind (specifically made for cement backerboard) is the only kind to be used in...
  8. BillGriggs

    Correctly Joining Cement Backerboard (Durock) In Hearth?

    I've got to join two durock panels when assembling my hearth. Durock instructions note that you should join panels together and Fill joints with latex-fortified mortar or Type 1 organic adhesive and immediately embed alkali-resistant, fiberglass mesh joint tape. Is this the best method for a...
  9. BillGriggs

    Micore + Durock Strategies?

    I'm doing a hearth in front of a manufactured fireplace. I'm following manufacturer's ancient instructions (although it sounds like they are overkill). Planning on putting down 1/2" of micore 300, and then 1/4" of durock with 1 5/8" Durock screws to hold the whole thing down to the subfloor...
  10. BillGriggs

    Frustrating Hearth Extension Replacement

    I'm replacing a tiled hearth extension. I was able to track down the original install instructions for my fireplace (Superior Fireplace #b1038) and it noted that I needed 1/2" millboard or equivalent below a non-combustible surface. I has planned to put down 1/2" durock, thinset, and my 3/8"...
  11. BillGriggs

    Confused Hearth Help: Millboard, Cement Board, Durock, oh my

    I'm replacing a hearth and pulled up what (I assume) was an old 1/2" millboard pad with tiles glued to it with adhesive. I was able to find installation instructions for my original 1980s model and it mentions that the hearth extension should be: …1/2" thickness of millboard (or equivalent) or...
  12. CookieM0nster

    Newbie wood stove install...Qs re: hearth underlayment & insulation

    Hello! Like others have said in their first post, I’ve been a lurker here for a while here and have learned a lot from various threads, which I really appreciate. There is also some confusing information out there online and I would like to get your opinions (hopefully blessings?) on what I’m...