opening for vent in alcove

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Oct 13, 2017
Oakland, CA
I am close to finishing an alcove I have been building to replace our fireplace and chimney (earthquake safety). I have posted a few times and the responses were fantastic--thanks again. I am now about to durock the front wall of the alcove where there will be a vent at top and have two questions. First, the vent is about 30" long by 6" tall and goes back .5 or .75 inches. The wall is framed in steel studs that are about 1.75" on three sides (c-studs--typical metal framing but a heavier gauge.) The framing will go up the sides but I am hoping not to have to put in cross pieces above and blow--the air in the front wall would also exit the vent. Is that OK? My second question is about having one of the studs behind the vent but with a .5" gap between it and the vent. I will paint the stud black there so it won't be too visible.