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  1. N

    What Gauge Metal Studs for Vertical Brick Veneer Wall?

    Hello, I appreciated the input on my previous thread about building a non combustible wall and hearth for my upcoming Nectre N550 installation. I now have a more straightforward structural question: What gauge metal studs can i trust to support 1/2” cement board and thin brick veneer on a...
  2. C

    Insulation and framing by pipe

    I'm new to having a wood stove and am concerned that the ceiling framing and insulation is currently too close to the stove pipe. I might be wrong because it's not directly against the actual pipe, but I'm looking for clarity.
  3. L

    Support Box Trim cathedral ceiling; 24" OC rafter

    Hi all, I'm new to and also new to installing stove pipes. Installing a Jotul F400 and running the stove pipe through a cathedral ceiling; 5/12 pitch; near the ridge. anyhow, my rafters are spaced 24" oc. Luckily, where I want to run the chimney/install the support box is right next...
  4. R

    opening for vent in alcove

    Hi I am close to finishing an alcove I have been building to replace our fireplace and chimney (earthquake safety). I have posted a few times and the responses were fantastic--thanks again. I am now about to durock the front wall of the alcove where there will be a vent at top and have two...
  5. C

    Framing around prefab fireplace box

    Hi All, I've been looking at these H-burners for a gas fireplace as part of a new construction project. To use these H-burners, I understand that I need a real wood burning fireplace, then convert it. I'm thinking of using a prefab zero clearance box which requires the proper chimney flue for...
  6. J

    Framing out for Wood Insert

    Hey everyone. I am looking for some feedback on my installation of a Supreme Volcano Plus fireplace insert. It ships with their new Circulating Chamber (see attachment) which is essentially a metal surround you are meant to fasten into your masonry. What I am hoping to do is build out 12"...
  7. Coyote Pup

    Hearth Framing Advice?

    I'm installing a Russo W25 in my sister's new house, and I'd like to install a nice hearth and possibly a brick wall behind it. (1" air gap, open all around) I'm quite comfortable with the code and best practices around everything surrounding the stove; what I'm concerned about it the floor...