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    Steel to soapstone?

    Hello all, New here but I've been reading threads from you folks for a while. Wanted to get some experienced advice on a possible stove transition. My wife and I are in a pretty new, well insulated 2 story 3200 sq ft home, heating with a NC30 Englander. It does the job nicely overall (6-8h...
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    England Pellet Stove - Control Board Change

    I have a pellet stove (England SmartStove) top mount control board, has anyone ever switched to the side mount that allows for adjustments? Is this possible? I’m looking at it due to it not heating the space well (basement - 900ft2) it only gets it up to 67-68°. I have fresh air plumbed in from...
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    Vacuum Loss Error on England’s Stove Works 55-SHPCB120

    Hello, I am new here and new to pellet stoves in general and would really appreciate any help I could get. I’m incredibly frustrated. Just purchased a Summer’s Heat from England’s Stove Model # 55-SHPCB120, from Lowe’s. Set it up with a kit. I think I have everything set up correctly according...
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    England stove works CB-120 brand new and thermostat not working right?

    Professionaly installed and I have the thermometer hanging freely out of the back of the unit. When I use on manual setting one which is the lowest on days that are not freezing my downstairs stays about 80 degrees. When I use the temp mode no matter what temp I set it to such as 60 degrees it...
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    England pellet stove igniter stuck on.

    My England wood pellet stove igniter stopped lighting up so I order a new one and replaced it. This igniter works but stay lit even when stove is turned off. I'm hoping it's not the control board. Any thoughts?
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    Englander Stove Issue

    Hello, I have a 2005 Englander Stove Works 25-PDVC Pellet stove and started to have an issue with it at the end of the season last year. I took a video of my issue but I'm receiving a 5D error on the control board. This is in addition to what sounds like the bottom motor making a clicking...