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    F-500 in need of love.

    I have an opportunity to purchase a neglected F-500. I know nothing about it, as I haven't seen it yet. I know it's difficult to put a number on something with such little information, but how much do you think this is worth? My plan is to refinish it and give it to my cousin. (I already own...
  2. LouCammie

    pacific energy summit needs repair-information please-

    I have aquired a pacific energy summit--only to discover the window cracked and then pon removal of the window the peice holing it in was rusted ad fell that needs repair...then i discovered that the baffle has a giant crack in it and just inside the door above is a rusted out hole -is...
  3. WoodyIsGoody

    Received bid for new stove

    My ski cabin is a 45 minute drive from the nearest population center and only has baseboard heat and a stove that needs new firebrick and some welding to fix sagging firebrick supports so I'm looking at new stoves. There is 13' of 6" single wall pipe rising straight to the ceiling where it...
  4. M

    How to Estimate Usable BTUs

    Hello all, I've recently discovered the forum and have spent a while reading articles on this site. I'm impressed by how much information is here. Thank you to all who have started this site and have contributed throughout the years. My question is how to estimate the usable BTU output of a...