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    Brand New Harmon Accentra 52i-TC Not Feeding

    Hey everyone. My family just got a new 52i-TC installed only a couple of months ago. Everything has been working just fine, only recently started using it on a regular basis, but I have been doing the cleaning typically prior to the notice displaying on the screen, trying to keep it very clean...
  2. M

    P68 Feeder Won't feed

    We have a P68 for 4 years, it has been great till today. The feeder stopped feeding pellets. I made sure all doors are shut. Actually it does feed pellets, just not normal, at a very slow pace, I put the feeder dial at 4, and it feeds like 5 or 6 pellets per turn... What could be the problem? Help!
  3. J

    Harman Accentra Insert Won't Stop Feeding

    Hey all, New here, just bought a home with a Harman Accentra insert. I'm loving it—but learning the stove can be very temperamental. Here's one of my primary issues: The stove sometimes will not shut off, even when turned to off as per directions—it keeps feeding. I have all the dials...