flue collar

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    New rear flue stove for cabin

    Hello, I am looking to replace an old, rusted out, rear-flue wood burning stove. The stove sits on a brick hearth. The rear vent pipe is 6” in diameter with the bottom edge of the pipe 21” above the base of the stove. The pipe runs out of the back of the stove, passes through a collar in the...
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    Using top vent without bolting down ok?

    I've recently bought a old Jotul F3TD, a beautiful stove. I intend on top venting due to my space configuration. The top vent flu collar bolts have rusted and broken off. It's expensive to replace the whole flue collar. Do I need to bolt the flue collar in, or can I use the weight of the flue...
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    Morso Squirrel Flue Collar Question

    I just installed a morso squirrel and during my first fire I noticed some smoke leaking from the flue collar joint. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? I installed the chimney pipe over the outside of flue collar (it was a super tight fit)...was this correct? Also wondering about my elbow...