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  1. J

    How to (safely) connect tee to Duravent insulated wall pass through

    I finally got all the parts (hopefully) I need to install a glue liner in a masonry chimney. I went with DVL stove pipe and Duraflex liner. Since I’m going through a combustible wall to the chimney I purchased an insulated wall pass through...
  2. J

    What do I need to pass through drywall into a flue liner in a masonry chimney?

    Hi all, we moved into a home with an old Vermont Castings Vigilant stove that we are replacing with a new Drolet Escape 1800 as well as the old single wall stove pipe and adding a flue liner. We are doing this ourselves because we had a chimney sweep guy come to clean out the chimney and inspect...
  3. G

    New 316 Liner Issues in old clay liner.

    Hi, we've been in our house just over 18 months, its a early 1970's build (Clay lined chimney) that had a wood burner fitted when we moved in. The previous install was a bit of a botch job which consisted of the wood burner stove pipe going into a register plate then a coupling fitted to around...
  4. C

    Attaching Flue to wood insert w/ little clearance

    Hi everyone. I’m installing a Lopi Large Flush insert. I’m using a Forever Flex double wall liner. I have maybe 1.5 inches of clearance between the top of the appliance and the height of the fireplace. The manual says to attach the flue to the top of the appliance using three L brackets and...
  5. 1910Home

    Wood Burning Fireplace Relining and Enhancements

    New member and first post. I have been working towards relining my chimney for several months now and was excited to find this site today. I'll dig right in... We have a historic home built in 1910 with an original wood burning brick fireplace that was converted to gas about 20 years ago, and...