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    Hearthstone Green Mountain 60- Burn Times

    Hi there, Long time reader, first post. I had a Hearthstone Green Mountain 60 installed last year and this is my second season with it. Great stove, throws off a lot of heat and heats most of my 2500 sq foot house nicely, no complaints there. The Problem I have with it is the burn times. I...
  2. B

    Green Mountain 40 Odor

    Installed a GM 40 late last winter (2023) after flue inspection, new stove pipe install, etc. The GM 40 replaced an old Wonder Coal we had in the house but we have not used wood heat since 2020. The GM initial burns went well, other than it seemed it is impossible to reload with some smoke...
  3. W

    Basement Woodstove Options - BK,Lopi,GM60

    Looking to install woodstove in a new build house in a partially finished basement but having trouble deciding on what stove to get. Live in Mid-Coast Maine. Hoping to get input but want a good stove, nothing fancy, long burn times, quality built and not requiring too much maintenance or...
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    Furnace fan + woodstove. What am I overlooking?

    Last winter I self-installed an Ambiance Hipster 20/Hearthstone GM60 wood stove, and it’s been a dream. No draft issues. No complaints. Other than when we’ve been away, we haven’t had to use our oil furnace at all, which is ideal given the trends for heating oil prices. The one drawback of...
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    Hipster 20 / Green Mountain 60 self-install report and first impressions

    Hi all, I started lurking on this forum when we moved to Vermont and wanted to add a wood stove to the our house, the first home we've ever owned. I am so grateful for all the wisdom shared here over the years. You helped me make an informed decision, and reading the posts here gave me the...
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    Sizing for an unconventional home in Northern MN

    Hello, I'm trying to size a stove correctly for our home in Northern MN, near Grand Rapids. It's an 800 square foot floor plan, BUT, with a 300 square foot or so large loft and high ceilings everywhere else. There are also a ton of windows and doors for such a small house. The weather gets...