hampton hi300

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    Hampton HI300 blower question

    HI All! I am new here but have had my stove since 2015. I have a Regency HI300. Last night the fan stopped working. It had a low hum but no airflow. I looked at the manual and tried to remove the fan. I could not find any screws to remove except for on the control plate. I looked again at the...
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    Replacement of older insert

    I came across a good deal on a HI300 at auction. I have an old suburban FP8-84U(I've never been able to figure out what those numbers mean). Its pretty but heat output I found lacking. it would heat the room its in (400sqft)but thats about it. After pulling it out it just has a rectangle...
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    On the look out for Large Wood Fireplace Insert

    Hello All, I have been reading the forums trying soak up as much information as I can to make the decision on our fireplace insert, but would love to hear some advice dealing with our specific needs from people that know their stuff. Our home is a 1700 square foot 1970s ranch house that we...
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    Hampton HI300

    Does anyone have any experience with the Hampton HI 300 wood insert stove? I have read at other sites it didn't throw enough heat. I have a chance to buy an end of season model for a good price....I have a Napolean Insert and that's 10 years old and doesn't look as good as the Hampton.
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    Throwing sparks: 2010 Hampton Hi300

    Fellow Burners, Help. After loading stove this morning, noticed one and then two more a parks shooting out from vent above door. I shut her down immediately for safety concerns and called dealers. 1. Coals were still red from overnight. 2. Shut off blower, opened door, stirred coals, put in...
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    MSRP for Hampton HI300 insert???

    Looking to have a wood stove insert installed before things really start cooling down here on the East Coast, and have decided on getting the Hampton HI300 in timberline brown enamel. (http://www.regency-fire.com/Products/Hampton-Wood-Gas/Cast-Iron-Stoves,-Fireplaces---Inserts/HI300.aspx) The...