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  1. Jotel me this

    Fireplace handle, bolt wont fit? Drill hole?

    I had to replace the handle on my Travis Xtrordinair fireplace. Problem is, I cant get the new bolt to thread into the new handle. The bolt came with the handle in a brand new, unopened, factory sealed box. My concern is, if I try to force it to thread too much, I may strip the threads (which is...
  2. trishalyons

    Cemi Concept 2 Handle Needed

    Please help me locate a damper handle for a Cemi Concept 2. Does anyone here make handles that I can purchase? Picture shown as an example. Many thanks!
  3. M

    Old heritage energy systems stove handle replacement options

    Hi all. I recently picked up a very large. Very old heritage energy systems wood stove. It does not have a tag on it. But does have a large glass door and seems to be a fairly common old stove. I plan to install it at my cabin. Problem is the guy I got it from is an HVAC guy that removed...
  4. S

    Hot door handles - Heritage 8024 soapstone

    The wooden handles sometimes get hot. Is this normal? Right now the left side door wooden handle is too hot to hold, the front door handle is warm. Once before the front door handle was too hot and I had to use a glove to open it. Will the wooden handles catch in fire if they get too hot? The...
  5. Temple

    Repair/Replace Bakelite Handle for Morso 2B Standard (aka Squirrel)

    The threading on my bakelite handle has gone and it won't stay attached. The part is the "Bakelite Handle 72mm (Part #: 79118300)" I've found it on a ton of sites in the UK for under £10, but nobody wants to ship to NA/Canada for anywhere close to reasonable prices. Does anybody in North...