Fireplace handle, bolt wont fit? Drill hole?

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Feeling the Heat
Sep 21, 2018
I had to replace the handle on my Travis Xtrordinair fireplace. Problem is, I cant get the new bolt to thread into the new handle. The bolt came with the handle in a brand new, unopened, factory sealed box. My concern is, if I try to force it to thread too much, I may strip the threads (which is what happened on the old handle). The new threads on the handle are not stripped; they look perfect.

Do you think the threaded piece is thick enough to drill a small hole and put in a cotter pin? Im not sure if doing so would remove too much material around the hole and compromise the strength of the handle.



It's possible that the nut is the right size but the wrong thread count. Don't force it if it doesn't want to go. Look at the interior of the nut and see if the thread is finer or damaged. If it looks the same try flipping over the nut to see if that threads better.
Take the handle to someone with thread pitch gauges in all sizes or a very good hardware stor. Might be metric threads on new handle and all you need is a nut.
I would appear you have a center lock nut, if there is only 1 nut it would be an interference fit to stop loosening of the shaft. Personally 2 jam nuts would be a better solution if there is enough shaft length.