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  1. Jotel me this

    Fireplace handle, bolt wont fit? Drill hole?

    I had to replace the handle on my Travis Xtrordinair fireplace. Problem is, I cant get the new bolt to thread into the new handle. The bolt came with the handle in a brand new, unopened, factory sealed box. My concern is, if I try to force it to thread too much, I may strip the threads (which is...
  2. O

    Metal Mantel Clearance

    Hello ! I have designed a metal mantel made of hot rolled steel that projects 4" in depth from the opening of the firebox. My fireplace specs are not clear if this is acceptable or if the depth needs to be reduced. This is for a Heat & Glo - 8000CMOD-IFT Any information is greatly appreciated !
  3. N

    What Gauge Metal Studs for Vertical Brick Veneer Wall?

    Hello, I appreciated the input on my previous thread about building a non combustible wall and hearth for my upcoming Nectre N550 installation. I now have a more straightforward structural question: What gauge metal studs can i trust to support 1/2” cement board and thin brick veneer on a...
  4. F

    Wire brush on metal chimney -- how bad to use once more?

    We moved into a house with a woodstove three years ago. We've had a chimney sweep come twice, and I'd like to try taking that on myself this year. The chimney is metal (shown in photos), and I've read here that a wire brush isn't recommended for metal chimneys (and that a SootEater is). But I'm...