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    Xtrordinair 44 elite 20 year old but never used. What to do

    We are buying an older house that we thought we got lucky because it has an Xtraordinair 44 elite that has probably only been used 15 to 20 times. The unit is probably 15-20 years old, has brass doors and such that can be changed out. But a chimney sweep came today and said it probably has a...
  2. Jotel me this

    How to cure Stove Bright paint/not hot enough?

    I sanded down my entire Travis Xtrordinair, doors, frame, etc and applied a new coat of Stove Bright paint. It looks brand new. Problem is, the instuctions on the can says it cures through heat. But, theres no way for me to get the front faces of the doors and surrounding face plate hot enough...
  3. Jotel me this

    Fireplace handle, bolt wont fit? Drill hole?

    I had to replace the handle on my Travis Xtrordinair fireplace. Problem is, I cant get the new bolt to thread into the new handle. The bolt came with the handle in a brand new, unopened, factory sealed box. My concern is, if I try to force it to thread too much, I may strip the threads (which is...
  4. Jotel me this

    Differences between models? Xtrordinair 44

    Im trying to find a catalytic combustor for my Xtrordinair 44 Elite. Of course, as with everything in life, there's more than one model of Xtrordinair 44: Travis Industries Stoves Fireplace Xtrordinair 44 Elite ZC Travis Industries Stoves Fireplace Xtrordinair 44A-BI Travis Industries Stoves...
  5. Jotel me this

    How to ACTUALLY fix the damper issue once and FOR ALL on a Xtrordinair elite !!

    Anyone who owns an xtrordinair elite probably knows the mindbendingly stressful situation of the bypass control falling off of the damper. Its near impossible to fix. Whoever designed the xtrordinair elite needs to go back to engineering school. I hope they read this thread so that they NEVER...
  6. Jotel me this

    Xtrordinair 44 Elite - Disconnect blower?

    Can the blower on the Xtrordinair 44 Elite Wood Fireplace be disconnected? It heats the room even on low too hot and doesnt have an off switch. Is the blower needed for any safety reasons? Keeping something cool, etc? Id love to just disconnect it and let the heat naturally flow into the room...
  7. C

    Fire place xtrordinair 36 elite problems.

    I have a fireplace xtrordinair 36 elite that is 15 years old. The medal is corroded through on the back of the stove just above the damper plate bracket. Has anyone seen this? If so how was it repaired? I'm communicating with a rep from Travis Industries and hoping for some help. So far the...
  8. B

    Gas Insert Repeated Blower Problem

    Greetings! We purchased a new Xtrordinair gas fireplace insert (don't have exact mod # but it is very similar to this model http://www.fireplacex.com/ProductGuide/ProductDetail.aspx?modelsku=98500270) from "Company A" in April 2001. We run the unit off and on for approximately 6 months of the...
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    Fireplace Xtrordinair reviews, help chosing fireplace

    Hello all, I am currently looking at 3 different gas direct vent fireplaces for a new construction. The goal is heat for when the power goes out, and to knock the chill off in the mornings. A fireplace for looks is nice, but this is secondary. The fireplace is going in an approximately 16 ft x...