Differences between models? Xtrordinair 44

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Jotel me this

Feeling the Heat
Sep 21, 2018
Im trying to find a catalytic combustor for my Xtrordinair 44 Elite.

Of course, as with everything in life, there's more than one model of Xtrordinair 44:

Travis Industries Stoves Fireplace Xtrordinair 44 Elite ZC
Travis Industries Stoves Fireplace Xtrordinair 44A-BI
Travis Industries Stoves Fireplace Xtrordinair 44A-ZC

I know I have a Xtrordinair 44, but do I need to worry about ZC, BI, A-ZC?


PS if you feel like answering a bonus question: Can an old catalytic combustor lead to an increase in creosote? Or are the two not realted.
@Jotel me this - reheating this thread 😀

On the replacement combustor for your FPX 44 Elite, wanted to ask where you ended up buying and did you install it yourself?

We have a 36 Elite that needs a new combustor before starting the burn season, hoping to buy and install it myself.