harman p43

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    High pitched sound

    I have a brand new Harman P43. I understand that the fans and auger motor make noise, but the distribution fan has a secondary sound aside from the normal whirring of a fan. It is an intense high pitched should; my daughter likened it to alien space communication like you might hear in a...
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    P43 50/50 mix

    I have a p43 harman. The top of the lid says I can burn a 50/50 mixture of corn and pellets. But the salesman says not to….???? Does anyone on here burn that mix? Maybe do at 25/75 mix? Let me know!
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    Anyone running 50/50 mix of corn and pellets in there p43??
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    P43 questions

    Just bought a p43. I have a ranch style house “1,200sqft basement “1,200sqft upper floor”. The house is well insulated for being built in 1956. Walls are completely filled and attic is up to par for insulation too. will the p43 heat my house enough that I won’t have to burn fuel oil...
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    Harman Absolute 43 or P43

    Hello all. My family and I are researching the purchase of our first pellet stove. We have narrowed our choices down to either the Harman Absolute 43 or the Harman P43. We plan on using the stove to supplement our current heat pump HVAC set-up. However, the stove will be located in a room the...
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    Harman P43 or P68 - Cathedral Ceilings

    Hi everyone! I am trying to decide on which Harman model for my first pellet stove. I will give you some background. My house has a Lopi Liberty wood stove in the basement, which is running pretty much 24/7. I have backup electric baseboard heat. Since I moved in, I have religiously been filling...
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    Harman P44

    Our 7 year old formerly AMAZING, trouble free Pellet stove has stopped working. In the past month, the circuit board and the rope gasket on the door have been replaced (paid for 2 separate service calls ). We’ve had 10 days of ALMOST trouble free use until now.... of course it’s 9 degrees...
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    Harman P43 spontaneously ignites

    Hi! I have had a Harman P43 for about 10 years now, and it has never worked properly on room temperature/auto setting, which is a huge bummer. ESP probe, igniter, circuit board have been replaced, but I have to light it manually and keep it running on stove temp. It’s well-cleaned, front and...
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    Harman P43 Squeak and Combustion Blower Shutoff

    Hello everyone. I'm new to posting but have used this site in the past to troubleshoot. I have two issues going on with my stove that may or may not be related. 1. My Harman P43 has been squeaking like crazy for months. For a while I could get it to stop by turning the temp all the way up for a...
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    Harman P43 question

    I have a Harman P43 in the home I am renting. I have never had a pellet stove before and I am having a couple issues with it. The first one is that the combustion fan will sometimes go on and off several times at the end of a cycle (running in room mode). I understand that it is supposed to...