harman xxv

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  1. E

    Another Harman woe about low draft and lazy flames

    First time poster after reading dozens and dozens of threads here, so while I appreciate your willingness to help, I'm not looking for general advice, but hoping I can hit some of the Harman owners who have been through this themselves. For example LeafMold's nearly saved me with this post...
  2. cd201

    Harman XXV-TC brand new, with tons of problems

    We just bought a Harman XXV pellet stove from a dealer showroom in August 2019 and my husband installed it up to code et al. in October. We've burned 2.5 tons of pellets in it now (January 28 2020) and have been cleaning weekly along the way. Last week, I noticed the ash pan was overflowing and...
  3. B

    Scheduling Harman XXV to come on automatically?

    I was wondering if the "EASY Touch Control" will work with the Harman XXV and will the EASY Touch Control be able to automatically turn on the stove using a preset schedule? The reason: wife comes home to a very cold house. It would be nice if the stove turned on automatically 20 minutes...
  4. H

    I'm thinking about buying a used Harman XXV

    Hi, I recently found a Harman XXV on Craigslist and I've been thinking of replacing my wood stove. My question is if the stove is worth it. It's been through 8 seasons and looks like it's been very well maintained. It looks almost brand new. The owner has only done routine maintenance and it...
  5. Robert Tee

    Classic wood stove look

    I had previously sought help from the folks on this forum in choosing between the Harmon XXV and the Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE, asking specifically about reliability. At this point the relative simplicity (nothing is simple) of the XXV, compared with the more complex design and features of the Mt...