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  1. B

    Jotul Combifire 4 / Finding a Certified Installer in WI

    Hi everyone. My first post! I am buying a home with an old wood stove (image here) that might not be up to code. I want to change it for aesthetic and safety reasons, and I've been trolling the forums for information. I was interested in European-style stoves like the Rais, Yotul F 370, or...
  2. VirginiaIron

    To Insulate or Not Insulate a Flexible Liner - That is the question!

    I have been debating the use of insulation on a flexible liner and I have received mixed opinions from some people and the sales reps. It seems that insulation is required from most insurance companies to maintain safe clearances rather than stack temp and creosote- although stack temps and...
  3. 19glendale

    Insurance for freestanding stove in fireplace?

    I hope to put a very small freestanding UL approved stove (as opposed to insert) into my traditional masonry fireplace hearth. It will have all the required 6” liner and 16”+ non-combustible surface in front of the stove. I am in Virginia. Obviously I plan to include it in my homeowner’s...
  4. K

    insurance ul on stove

    We just bought a house and love our stove, it was designed and built by a fireman. EVERY insurance company we've asked won't insure the house, they say it's home made and therefore unsafe... help
  5. L

    Thatched house insurance help (England)

    I'm looking for a new insurance company to cover our Thatched Property in SE England. In particular, an insurer who's NOT going to add a premium for using multi-fuel stoves (2)! Our existing company NFU added an additional £300 (gbp) to our premium stating it was because of the additional risk...