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    Connecting a Jotul F400 to a Selkirk 6" DSP Double wall stove pipe

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to woodstoves. I am currently installing a Jotul F400 (Single door) woodstove that I purchased used. I am planning to run Selkirk/Metalbestos stove and chimney pipe (already purchased) straight up through the living room ceiling, into a closet, and then out...
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    Opinions on installing block off plate or not

    Hi I would appreciate thoughts on whether we should install a block off plate or not. We have a heritage house (built 1913) with fireplace and an unlined flue. It's an interior chimney, basically in the middle of the house. We are getting a Jotul F400 with 6" double walled stainless liner...
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    Another Jotul F400 vs F500 question

    We are replacing a beat up '70s era VC Defiant stove which is impossible to control due to air leaks, interior damage and poor design. Damping the fire down enough for overnight burns generates significant creosote and running it hot can force us to open windows unless it is below freezing. The...