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  1. J

    LP Fireplace Insert Not Starting Properly

    I recently installed a KozyHeat Chaska 29 LP Fireplace Insert in my old existing wood fireplace/chimney, and it is having difficulty starting up during cold/windy days. All connections are solid, and I actually fabricated my own chimney cap. With the chimney cap, I used(2) 3" duct 90 deg elbows...
  2. B

    Desperate for some guidance on LPG regulator, service in Westchester NY

    We moved into our home 3 years ago. The home has a Kozy Heat Minnetonka fireplace. I am not skilled in these appliances and only know what the prior owner said. Last winter it stopped working completely. Though flint still sparked but no flame. Paid $200 to have a service guy come from far...
  3. M

    Olympia HE250 vs the Kozy Z42?

    Are there any Olympia Ventis HE250 opinions or reviews out there? I been scouring the internet and can not find anything. I have an old 1985 Preway fireplace insert and this past winter, it proved to be extremely inefficient to provide much heat while I was stuck without electric for a week...
  4. D

    Trying to Find Parts for Old Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace Insert

    Have a Kozy Heat / Sun Dance Model III (760) gas insert. Approximately 1993 era. Old u-burner tube has deteriorated and needs replaced. Part # 700035. Seems a common part on a lot of Kozy Heat models from that time period. Local dealers either can't find or won't take the time to find the...
  5. P

    Need to replace bricks in Kozy Heat Z42

    The time has come for me to replace some of the broken bricks in my Kozy Heat Z42 (installed in 2010). The bricks that sit on top are in the worst shape of all; crumbling and cracked. They measure 1.25" x 4.5" x 13.25". Can someone tell me where I can buy these? I have the means of cutting...
  6. Johnald32

    New Kozy Heat Z42 Install (Thanks Hearth.com!)

    This is my first post to Hearth.com. We just had our new Kozy Heat Z42CD ZC fireplace installed, and I figured I'd post some pictures and info for the benefit of the group. We had it installed to replace a prefab junk ZC fireplace (not sure the brand - possibly a Heatilator) I think I've read...
  7. N

    Quick Question - Mendota vs KozyHeat

    We have narrowed down our choices to the following gas inserts: KozyHeat Chaska vs Mendota FullView. The Menodota is a bit more expensive, so was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to which one is better in terms of features, heat and quality. Thanks so much!