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  1. crobinson.crane

    Advice between Quad 5700 or Lopi Liberty / Endeavor Hybrid

    Hello! After growing up using a wood stove at home, I really don't know too much and need some help here. I'm an owner builder of a new home construction (subbing out HVAC) and am trying to decide what stove to place in my basement. The house is about 2,300 SF each level, heated primarily with...
  2. Eliza and mica

    Buy new economy or used Lopi?

    Hi folks! We’ve been learning a lot and appreciating all the info and opinions shared here as we get ready to install a wood stove in our manufactured 1,700 sqft home as our sole source of heat. After much research and deliberation, we have landed upon purchasing either a used lopi endeavor...
  3. R

    Lopi Endeavor Leg and/or Pedestal Height

    Can anyone with a Lopi Endeavor measure their leg or pedestal height for me? I'm trying to see if the stove will clear our 8" trim or not. I was told trim wasn't a factor in back wall cleat if the stove cleared the trim.
  4. Twolfe278

    Manufactured home fireplace replacement complete! Big thanks...

    Had the first fire last weekend when it was 80 outside. That's what months of anticipation will do. I still have some trim work left. Can't thank ya'll enough for the enormous amount of info and advice. Overall the install went smooth. Most of the time was me quadruple-checking every step. I...
  5. H

    Lopi Endeavor great for cooking and heating

    After doing quite a bit of research here to find out what to get to replace a cook stove and a cast-iron fire place my great-grandfather probably salvaged from a logging camp in the 1930's, I settled on the Lopi Endeavor. I snagged a used one for $500 off Craigslist. The camp it was destined for...