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  1. G

    Mt Vernon not igniting

    I have read a number of threads posted here over the years, but I can't seem to find one that matches my issue. The stove igniter stopped working and, since I always carry a few spares, I replaced it. It still didn't work, so I did continuity and resistance tests and all passed. I checked...
  2. Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Stove Light Off

    Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Stove Light Off

    The Quadra-Fire Trekker pellet stove automatically lighting off. Stove lights 3:30 in. Stove is also knows as the Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon E2-C.
  3. joescho

    Help with Mt Vernon Insert

    Hello Everyone: I've been reading up on what everyone has been doing and I hope all of you are well. I have a Mt Vernon AE (2009 ish) insert that is now suddenly acting weird and doesn't follow any of the symptoms and problems I have seen. It would seem that the stove starts up, feeds pellets...
  4. Coolericsir

    My MT Vernon AE woes

    Hey y’all, I just discovered this place and wish I had a year ago. I was given my Mt Vernon AE last year so I figured a $4300 stove was a pretty good score for free. From the first time I’ve ever fired it up the dang thing shocks me. I’ve been all through it looking for shorts and I’ve found...
  5. JoeInMaryland

    Quadrafire Mount Vernon AE insert

    Hey everyone, Just had my new Mt Vernon AE insert installed yesterday. Filled the hopper before bed, and unit shut off at 0500. Thermostate shows low fuel On a medium setting, I’m not sure how it could blow through a bag in less than 8 hours. I’m thinking something happened in the hopper (...
  6. C

    Mt. Vernon AE with Hamer (Elkins) Pellets Optimal Settings

    New to the pellet stove world, was sick of $400/month heating bills so decided to take a leap and just got a Mt. Vernon AE Insert installed. It vents out the chimney. I live in about a 2,700 sq. foot 2 story home (no basement) & am looking for the optimal settings that can keep my house hot...
  7. S

    Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon 2009 temperature set to 82 and heats to 70

    It's cold out - probably 20's - and my Mt. Vernon cannot keep up with the set temperature of the room. I tried to set it at 76 but it barely gets to 70. It's fine on a warmer day. So I set it to 82 hoping it will at least get to 74 - Nope. Any advice?
  8. E

    Mt Vernon AE Error Code

    We just bought a used Quadra Fire Mt Vernon AE stove, I hooked up the thermostat and power cord just to see that it works properly and there is the error "Max Drop Tube Temp" on the thermostat. I've read forums on here and it seems to be an error for the flame being too high causing overheating...
  9. D

    Mt Vernon auger jam

    I have a Quadrafire Mt Vernon pellet stove with a persistent problem with auger jam error messages. I have replaced the auger motor, cleaned the chute, cleaned the optical sensor and even replaced it. It seems about every 5-8 starts I hear a grinding sound and the auger jam error occurs. The...
  10. J

    Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE - Auger Jam

    Hey everyone, I've got a freestanding Mt Vernon pellet stove that has been giving me an Auger Jam error. I've taken the assembly apart and cleaned everything out, including cleaning the optical sensor. I put everything back together and the stove ran (including the auger motor) for about 10...
  11. Y

    Quadra Fire Mt Vernon stove: Power problem...

    Greetings! I have have an older Mt Vernon stove (2006) which refuse to start. In fact, there is nothing happening when plugged... The stove stopped after a power failure. When the current went back on, the stove worked for a few second, then went dead. I checked all the disk and fuses (main...