outdoor wood boiler

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  1. C

    Wiring thermostat to run fan for heat exchanger instead of trying to run propane.

    So I have a Coleman LP/NG furnace/AC model number is FC35CXC1A hooked to a Pro1 T701 thermostat. The propane portion of the furnace hasn't worked since we bought the house in 2021 (no tank, the line is gone, they basically never hooked the propane side of it up) we brought our outdoor wood...
  2. S

    Recommendations please for Ontario install

    Hi All, Impressive forum you have going here. Can I get advice on my best option for an 1860 Victorian home with no present heat supplied to a second floor. Presently the house is heat via a condensing propane furnace. We'd like to convert to a renewable fuel. Since we have lots of wooded...
  3. N

    Installing radiant floor heat (under an existing floor system)

    Hi folks, I currently have an indoor wood stove with a back up heat pump that runs on propane. I'd like to install radiant floor underneath my existing floor and heat it with an outdoor boiler. I couldn't find plans for doing this and was wondering if there are good threads that have covered...
  4. Endangered Species

    New Technology

    If I were to buy a outdoor gasification boiler this coming summer; What are the chances that newer technology will come along in a year or two. I understand things constantly evolve. I don't want to purchase now if there is a real possibility that better units are say a year out. Thanks
  5. G

    whats the cost of installation?

    I'm looking at having a outdoor wood boiler installed and I have no idea what an average cost would be. I found a used wood furnace for $2000. But it doesn't come with anything. No circulating pump or heat exchanger or lines. So my question is what would be an average price for installation or...
  6. O

    Outdoor Wood Boiler to Radiator System

    I have a 4500 sq ft 1850s farm house that I'm renovating. It has approximately 20 old cast iron radiators that were being heated by an Weil McLain propane boiler. I purchased an Earth Outdoor Boiler (505 Montain Man) to try to save on my gas bill. Last year spent $500 to $800 a month to keep the...