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  1. ispinwool

    Log splitter

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this question so, if it needs moved, please do. I bought a Huskee log splitter from TSC a few years ago. Hubby keeps it buried in the garage "so it doesn't get ruined by the weather". I can't remember the last time it got used. Where do y'all...
  2. J

    Quadrafire Contour Outside Air Kit Issues

    Hello all, I am on my second season using a new to me Quadrafire Contour. Last season I did not have the OAK installed and the windows and doors were very drafty. This year I decided to install the OAK so I screwed the adapter on the back/bottom of the stove. I then installed a short section of...
  3. D

    Just Curious - How Many Store Pellets Outside?

    Bay by Dataman posted Sep 17, 2018 at 4:03 PMI have building with Bays that are open on one side. Thinking of Storing Pellets in the bay that is on Leeward Side (Sheltered from Wind). Yes I know indoor is best place. But still thinking of moving car to bay and pellets to heated garage...
  4. michoujordan76

    Outside air intake Jotul F400

    Hi all, I have a Jotul F400 set-up in front of my fireplace. I have an 1850s poorly insulated house with lots of leaks. I would like to attach an outside air intake and run it through the fireplace's ash dump. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the length of pipe for the outside air intake...