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  1. O

    '07 Quadrafire 7100zc-worth buying?

    Hey all, My family is in need of a zero clearance wood stove. We cant afford new, but we came across this used 2007 quadrafire 7100 zc. I've talked to the seller who says it's in good shape with a few cosmetic issues. I've seen pictures. They are asking $1000 OBO. Considering this is a 13 year...
  2. P

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    I’ve heard a bit from some pellet manufacturers that pellet supply is short this year and everyone is increasing price across the board. Anyone else heard anything similar? My company just took in 1000+ tons with a good early buy deal to combat raising prices
  3. Bushels20

    PE Summit insert

    Starting the process of replacing the Napoleon 1101 insert with a PE Summit (the insert I should have bought 7 years ago). Like many, I want to load N/S and need a larger firebox. I have been researching for a year or so and finally have the better-half convinced. That said, I’m getting some...
  4. P

    Feedback on Attack gasification boilers

    Hi! LOVE Have been following it for a few years now- through my wood pellet boiler, my wood boiler and now- while researching gasification boilers. The Froling and Wood Gun have features that I like...but unfortunately, not prices I like! I have seen some reasonably priced...