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  1. C

    P43 questions

    Just bought a p43. I have a ranch style house “1,200sqft basement “1,200sqft upper floor”. The house is well insulated for being built in 1956. Walls are completely filled and attic is up to par for insulation too. will the p43 heat my house enough that I won’t have to burn fuel oil...
  2. R

    Fireplace shovel caught fire... advice?

    Pretty much what the title says. I was moving coals around and banking a fire (newly learned skill for me, I'm pretty new to owning a wood stove) and the black paint coating on the fireplace shovel I have caught fire. Pretty nasty toxic smell to it too. Has this happened to anyone else? Any...
  3. MEngineer24

    Hearthstone Wood Stove Help

    I found this Hearthstone stove posted near my area. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it. It looks a little worse for wear on the exterior. Has anyone ever restored/repainted enamel before? Also, the firebox looks to be in decent shape other than a few bricks appear to be cracked...