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  1. G

    Steel Roof peeling around chimney? Pics inside

    Hello all. My parents house caught fire about 8 years ago as a result of their wood stove. Everyone was fine and house rebuilt. Now today, I went on the roof to caulk around vent pipes and when I looked over at the steel roof below the chimney I was shocked. I am attaching pictures but it...
  2. hube2

    EPDM on shed roof

    I have a shed that is 10x16 feet. It is almost flat, 2% slope just to allow rain to run off. The roof is treated plywood. I am going to use EPDM to cover the shed. I am told that even with the plywood being exposed to the weather for a year that the adhesive will not stick to the plywood and...
  3. B

    Class A Chimney touches OSB sheet when exiting through the roof

    Hello- I recently had a 6" class A chimney installed straight up through the ceiling and then the roof. The pipe is clearing the rafter by 2" but is in direct contact to the OSB sheet under the metal roof. Is that cause for concern and should I contact the contractor to cut away some more of...
  4. N

    Wood burner in pole barn

    I have recently purchased an older "Thermalator Inc" The Boss" wood stove. I have pretty well decided to go through the roof. The stove came with some "lightly used" single wall black pipe (6") the previous owner had been using. From what I understand once I go through the roof I need to have...
  5. C

    Stovepipe reducer problem -- Rain getting in help!

    Help! I paid a local Anchorage company (Alaska Chimney Sweep) to install my new fireplace insert because Allstate told me it had to be professionally done to be covered. After paying $900+, the installer told me she would get her "sheet metal guy" to fab a part to cover the old stove pipe hole...