1. P

    Ravelli RV100 shutting off every 3 days

    I have an RV100 which seems to be shutting off every 3 days like clockwork. It's just over 1 month old. It shows a 08 Depressurization code each time this happens. I have checked the door and hopper lid switches and checked the hose to the vacuum switch as well. Venting is cleaned. Using Energex...
  2. PelletPractitioner

    Possible to damage stove with low blower fan setting?

    Is it possible to damage or overheat a pellet stove by setting the blower fan (the one that blows over the heat exchanger) too low? I have a Ravelli RV100. It's kind of loud. About twice as loud as I remember in the show room, on any of the 5 power levels. They advertise "whisper quiet,"...