Ravelli RV100 LCD Display

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We purchased a Ravelli RV100 in August 2022 and we have had nothing but issues with it, is it possible we received a lemon? First, the tech never set up our RDS so we had to have a service call from another company we purchased from. We got the No Flow alarm when turning on the stove and when I finally get the stove up and running I try and go to the setting to adjust % of pellets and % of air draft. It goes to a blank screen and cannot turn it off unless I turn off in the back. What are we doing wrong? This should not be happening with a stove less than a year old and costing over 7k dollars.
From what I have read (in your manual) what you want to change is password protected
the stove is set to use premium pellets and no changes are needed ( unless you are using junk )
I have said this to new owners many times read your manual and understand it
Then again I could be wrong as I do not know your stove very well
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The user % fuel and % air trims are not password protected.
You might want to first check that the ends of the ribbon cable between the display and the control board are fully mated.
Otherwise, it sounds like a problem with the control or display board. Get it fixed under warrantee.

La Crete is a good Premium pellet.
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