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  1. A

    Ravelli RV100 LCD Display

    We purchased a Ravelli RV100 in August 2022 and we have had nothing but issues with it, is it possible we received a lemon? First, the tech never set up our RDS so we had to have a service call from another company we purchased from. We got the No Flow alarm when turning on the stove and when I...
  2. P

    Ravelli 100 power level

    What power level do you preferably keep your ravelli at, I have a ravelli 100 with open floor plan and covering 800 square feet.
  3. A

    Ravelli Mavi Display error: Link

    Hi! I hope someone can help me. My Ravelli Mavi 3-button display died (the on/off button stopped working) and I ordered a replacement. However, when I set the new display in, it just beeps and gives the error message 'Link'. I've checked the manuals, but can't find anything. Thanks!
  4. S

    Thoughts on Ravelli Vittoria?

    We are building a small (1200 sf) cape cod style home in the Poconos. A pellet stove that can be ducted to a couple of rooms seems ideal.We would be ducting it to the room above the main room where the stove will be located and to the basement (since that is conditioned space and thus requires...
  5. P

    Ravelli RV100 shutting off every 3 days

    I have an RV100 which seems to be shutting off every 3 days like clockwork. It's just over 1 month old. It shows a 08 Depressurization code each time this happens. I have checked the door and hopper lid switches and checked the hose to the vacuum switch as well. Venting is cleaned. Using Energex...
  6. PelletPractitioner

    Ravelli RV100 noise and performance

    What are your experiences? Please include your pellet feed rates and fan voltage found in the menu. I bought a Ravelli RV100c as my first stove, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I decided on that stove because it advertised the slowest pellet feed rate and the longest burn time (40...
  7. R

    Ravelli Francesca-cleaning ash drawer

    Hi All, New to the forum. Just started up a new Ravelli Francesca pellet stove. It says clean ash drawer every 2 days. Do I have to shut the stove off and allow it to cool to do this? Is it safe to open the front glass door while it’s running? Thanks.
  8. A

    Ravelli Roma releasing smoke at start up

    I have a Ravelli Roma pellet stove which is 1 year old. Last year I didn't have any problems but this year every time it goes to start up it fills with smoke and the combustion is so strong it shakes the stove and releases smoke into the room. Sometimes the combustion causes the baffle to fall...
  9. W

    Ravelii Roma baffle has fallen

    Just had our Ravelli Roma installed yesterday. Ran the stove overnight. Awoke this morning to find the baffle at the top of chamber has dropped down (Back to front), essentially blocking most of the view into the chamber. Any guesses why? Is this supposed to happen? Would love to call the...
  10. PelletPractitioner

    Possible to damage stove with low blower fan setting?

    Is it possible to damage or overheat a pellet stove by setting the blower fan (the one that blows over the heat exchanger) too low? I have a Ravelli RV100. It's kind of loud. About twice as loud as I remember in the show room, on any of the 5 power levels. They advertise "whisper quiet,"...
  11. PelletPractitioner

    Ravelli RV100[c] Owner's Thread - Tips & Knowledge

    Information for Ravelli RV100s is a little sparse. I'm creating this thread with the hope it will become a go-to location for basic tips and information about the RV100. Feel free to add your own knowledge and experiences by commenting on this thread. If you found this post useful, please...
  12. J

    Ravelli display not working

    Hi all, I have a pellet Ravelli stove model Milena for 4 years now. This year the display stopped working. It still has backlight and I'm able to control the stove (turn it on and off) but the display shows no picture... Does anyone know any fix or should I start looking for a display...
  13. H

    Ravelli 2008 Monica ALO6

    We bought a home with a Ravelli Monica. It worked fine until bag 6 of the pellets and then we have been having trouble. We keep getting ALO6 and the combustion chamber fills with pellets. I have been told that the pellets are too long, so I went through them and broke up the long ones. I was...
  14. S

    Revelli Spillo Smoke Fan warning

    Hi all new to the forum I have a Spillo that is in its 3rd year. Just recently started getting a warning code indicating smoke fan. Can anyone point me to some documentation or explain what could be happening and/or some diagnostics that can be performed to determine what is malfunctioning...
  15. L

    Crack in Firex 600

    Hello All, I'm a first time forum poster and this is our first pellet stove. We recently purchased a Ravelli RV80 pellet stove (love it) . It was professionally installed, set-up and tuned by a certified dealer. After burning approximately 25 bags of Okanagan Douglas Fur pellets I noticed a...
  16. B

    Ravelli RV80 - Problem: Air Flow Meter

    So I moved into a place in the middle of November that is heated by a free standing pellet stove - a Ravelli brand model RV80. Let me start by saying the stove had some issues when I moved in. The previous tenant (who I am still in contact with) said she enjoyed several years of excellent...