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    Looking for replacement screen for Scandia 315 wood stove

    We love the Scandia 315 wood stove that came with our home. The best part is the screen that allows the fire to be right there in the room with us, not behind glass. Well tonight the top handle of the screen broke and we can no longer use it. We will try to find a way to fix it, but the bottom...
  2. K

    Scandia 100 worth like new?

    So my parents bought a Scandia 100 wood stove a long time ago. It has been in storage and never used. It’s a beautiful stove and we were going to use it but decided to go with something else that takes longer wood pieces. I know it’s a scandalous knockoff of Jotul and for seasoned wood burners...
  3. T

    Taiwan Stove ID

    Hello, I'm looking to ID this stove. The back says Taiwan, but there are no other markings. I can see where a plate was previously attached but it is now gone. Seems to bee a Jotul Knock off, but I don't believe it is a Scandia / Franklin. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. S

    Replacing old Scandia, new Stove Setup Questions

    So I bought my house and it has a Scandia 310C in it. Apparently it used to work but I've tried to fire it up 3-4 times with no luck this year. I had a new stainless steel 8" liner put in over the summer as well. I've tried sealing the stove up with cement but it still leaks smoke. So after some...
  5. W

    Block Chimney, need liner?

    Yup, I'm a rookie. But that said, I do ask questions and try to make it close to safe. We have a 16" block chimney that I feel had been used for a wood stove in the garage. The garage is the length of the house, under the back part of our house, we live on a hill. The kitchen and a bath are...