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    Removing rust - how far to go?

    Hey Hearth forum I'm doing up an old Jotul F3TD and it's rusty inside in 2 ways: 1. Surface rust on baffle, internal side plates, ect. I've read you can soak these removable parts in white vinegar overnight and the rust comes off with wire brushes really easily. I'm keen to remove rust but...
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    Top plate gasket replacement for Jotul F3

    Hi guys The top plate gasket is basically non-existent on a stove I've just bought used. Just got off the phone to the Jotul suppliers. They say the gasket for the top plate (the big flat cover that sits on top of the stove) is a rope gasket: 9.5mm @ 2m to be precise. How do I install this...
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    Using top vent without bolting down ok?

    I've recently bought a old Jotul F3TD, a beautiful stove. I intend on top venting due to my space configuration. The top vent flu collar bolts have rusted and broken off. It's expensive to replace the whole flue collar. Do I need to bolt the flue collar in, or can I use the weight of the flue...
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    How to evaluate used wood stoves

    I'm new to this forum, I hope this question hasn't been asked a hundred times - I did a quick search and didn't see it. I've been renting a home with a Woodstock Soapstone Stove and loving it - I'm building my own house now and looking at stoves. My budget is tight so I've been looking at used...