Removing rust - how far to go?

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May 7, 2017
Hey Hearth forum

I'm doing up an old Jotul F3TD and it's rusty inside in 2 ways:

1. Surface rust on baffle, internal side plates, ect. I've read you can soak these removable parts in white vinegar overnight and the rust comes off with wire brushes really easily. I'm keen to remove rust but don't want to damage it, is this OK to do?

2. There is slightly deeper pitted rust on the base plate, which I'm considering removing via an orbital sander. Again, is this sensible or is it better left alone?

Thanks for the advice
I'd leave it alone. You could wire brush it then spray or brush on cooking or mineral oil, but there's no need if you are ready to put it into service for your winter.
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If it was external rust I would say do the best job you can removing it and then paint it oil it whatever you choose to do. But since it's interior rust i'd say just scrape off the large pieces, if applicable, and then leave it alone because the rust may come and go with the moisture content of the wood.