small stove advice

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  1. blueapple

    Seeking advice for a stove in the Blue Ridge of Western North Carolina

    H’yall, another newbie looking for help to choose the right stove. I’m building a 900 square foot, single-story house in the Blue Ridge Mountains, about 45 minutes northwest of Asheville. Altitude 2300 ft. We do have a real winter, tho it’s a winter that might seem like a shoulder-month to...
  2. A

    Help selecting wood stove

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have learned alot of information from everyone browsing as a guest. This post will be long but i want to give as much info as possible. We are looking to purchase a wood stove for our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. It is approximately 1150 square feet, built in...
  3. W

    Need small stove (on hearth) advice

    First post, so please be gentle! I just purchased a small (<1100 sf) single story house, a brick veneer rectangle built in 1975 in Richmond Va. It has a heat pump with electric supplement in colder temps. It has a brick fireplace, which looks like "standard" condition to the untrained eye. I...