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  1. P

    smoke chamber parging

    Hi, Our new house has a newly constructed masonry chimney that serves the basement and main floor (two flue) with open wood burning fireplaces. I just had it inspected by a chimney sweep and there were a few problems with construction. The one that concerns me the most is that the smoke...
  2. R

    Chamber Parging Necessary?

    New to the site - thanks in advance for any help! Long story short, bought a house back in August, didn't have an in depth chimney inspection, just the general home inspection that pointed out some cracks in the firebox. No big deal, just some filler mortar for those. We just had our chimney...
  3. G

    Fitting liner through smoke chamber

    Hi, I'm looking to install an insert into an old masonry fireplace. I haven't quite gotten to the point of ordering anything because I have a concern about installing my liner. The chimney was rebuilt when I bought the house, the old one was falling away from the house. So all new brickwork and...
  4. S

    Cleaning Smoke Chamber - Clean Enough>

    I am cleaning my smoke chamber, still have to get around the smoke shelf. I am doing the cleaning prior to installing a liner. Does this look clean enough or do I need to do alittle more? Using a wire brush fairly lightly and a 6" chimney brush to reach toward the top.
  5. S

    Fire Place Cleaning - Smoke Shelf and Chamber Cleaning

    So I am cleaning my fireplace myself for the first time. I flue itself was not terrible dirty, but I can smell it in parts of the house on a warm day. Next I want to focus on the smoke chamber and smoke shelf. It looks fairly dirty in there and I wanted to see what most people use for cleaning...
  6. W

    Can (or should) this smoke chamber be salvaged?

    Hi folks, I bought a 1967 ranch house last year with an original masonry fireplace. The sellers had the flue relined with a stainless steel liner that looks to be about 12" diameter. The liner is (now) clean and in perfect condition. The firebox had a golfball-size hole in one of the front...
  7. B

    where to find smoke chamber cover gasket for piazzetti sabrina pellet stove

    Hello all; Does anyone have a supplier that sells the smoke chamber cover gasket for a piazzetta sabrina pellet stove? Thanks BillX
  8. W

    Inspecting Fireplace Smoke Chamber

    As you can see this Fireplace has a very small opening at the damper. Looking for some advice on how to get better pictures of smoke chamber for WETT Inspection reports. Regards Roger
  9. Wood recycler

    Repurposing the existing smoke chamber

    Let e start off by saying my primary heat is the woodstove. I have aforced air unit but choose to heat with wood. I have installed a woodstove insert into an existing fireplace. The chimney is an exterior masonry chimney. I installed a stainless steel liner from the wood stove to the top of...