Fire Place Cleaning - Smoke Shelf and Chamber Cleaning

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Dec 20, 2016
So I am cleaning my fireplace myself for the first time. I flue itself was not terrible dirty, but I can smell it in parts of the house on a warm day. Next I want to focus on the smoke chamber and smoke shelf. It looks fairly dirty in there and I wanted to see what most people use for cleaning. I was going to try a brass wire brush duct taped to an old broom stick but if there is a fairly inexpensive kit to make the job alittle easier I would consider it. Also, the broom stick idea likely won't perform well on the smoke shelf area. Looking for what others use to clean this and if there is commercially available cleaning tools or just homemade stuff for the job.
Soot eater
For the smoke shelf I wonder if a long handled barbeque grill brush would help? Is there a smokeshelf cleanout port on the back of the chimney? That can make the job much easier.