smoke smell

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  1. M

    Safety concern

    We just moved our son to our finished basement. He is sleeping in a separate room than the room down there with our wood burning stove. It has been months since we have had a fire, and when he wakes up in the morning his hair smells strongly of smoke. Is this a health concern? Our laundry is...
  2. dreamingofpalmtrees

    Whitfield Advantage (1990) II / III smells smoky when running low....

    Troubleshooting a few things on our freestanding Whitfield Advantage (1990) II or III T (?). This stove is secondary to our main pellet stove, a Harman Allure50. We live in a drafty mid century house, in New England with walls of glass. Yeah. We know. We have forced hot air (propane) thru...
  3. R

    Help - Smoke smell emerges days after fire

    I bought a house that has a wood burning stove insert and am having an issue a nasty smoke smell after a fire. I have had two inspections and one cleaning done and they assure me everything with the stove and chimney looks great. On my last burn, I didn't smell any smoke the day of the fire or...
  4. W

    Blaze king Ashford 30.2 smoke smell problem

    I absolutely love my blaze king. It heats the entire house on the coldest days and I don’t think you can beat the larger fireboxes. However, I was recently told I can’t use the stove anymore due to an almost constant smoky smell and for the first time this winter we are burning propane. I...
  5. S

    Quadrafire 1200 smoke smell

    Has anyone had to change their heat exchanger on a Quad 1200. I’m getting a slight smell of smoke from the stove and not able to tell where it’s coming from. About the same amount of smell as when you knock a few pellets down the heat exchanger tube. But haven’t done that in a while. The stove...
  6. A

    Earth Stove HP40 smells like smoke when the auger runs

    Just today my Earth Stove HP40 started to put out a smoky smell. It seems to be coming from where the hot air comes out confection blower. It gets really bad when when the auger kicks on. Any ideas what can cause this?
  7. SudsJeff

    Smoke smell from wood stove when not burning

    Hello all. I just had a brand new Enerzone 1.6 wood stove installed in my basement rec room. The stove is vented through double wall pipe into a clay liner (6x6). The chimney was swept as part of the installation. The house is a 1970s build. I noticed a couple of days after having a fire there...
  8. L

    Steps to take to maintain fireplace and its room

    HI, so my family bought a house and my room will have a fireplace in it. I have never used or seen a fireplace being used and since it will be in my room, i have a few questions about fireplace. My main concern is, the rest of my family is not too fond of the smell of burning wood and i don't...
  9. N

    St. Croix Prescott EXL - Is it working how it should?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used St. Croix Prescott EXL on Craiglist. After getting it home and cleaning it out I realized that it was missing some parts. St. Croix helped me determine that it's an older model stove built in 2001 and I was able to locate replacement parts for the cera-bricks...
  10. T

    Question on Lopi 380-96 secondary baffle

    My wife and I are new to wood stoves. We purchased a home (approx 1750 sq feet) with Lopi model 380-96 (prequal to the Endeavor) already professionally installed. This stove has been in the home for several years. Prior owners kept stove and Chimney in excellent condition. Chimney has been...
  11. B

    First fireplace fire in a new home, ended up too smokey. Thoughts?

    I apologize for all of the text for what amounts to "how do I light a fire?". Just wanted to get some discussion on my specific situation. Backstory: We have a 50+ yr old home that we bought in May. It's 2 levels, sort of built into a hill. Each level has a fireplace. Each fireplace has a...
  12. S

    Breckwell Big E Help Needed...I am smoking and sooting away!!!

    Hello. I moved into a house that came with 2 pellet stoves. One is a Lennox PS40 that both looks and works nice. It burns efficiently, causes little glass soot up and throws a lot of heat. That stove has a 4' vertical chimney through the roof. The other is a Breckwell Big E. The Big E has a...