smokeless coal

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  1. B

    Multi-fuel stove not burning coal too well.

    Hi I’m going out of my mind reading post after post after post on various blogs and not seeming to find a solution to my problem - maybe I’m not searching for the right thing or maybe I’m just unlucky. Who knows. But hope someone here can help me. I’m relatively new to the stove world having...
  2. Simmo6108

    Smokeless coal

    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, and it is a long one so bear with me..... I will start with my setup; A 5kw multi-fuel (ACR Malvern) with a lined (single, flex) 12m chimney that runs up through the middle of the house. I generally burn 12-18 month old CSS silver birch/pine and 24-30...