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    Aga Lawley, Flue attachment / adapter needed

    Hi, I’ve got an Aga Lawley stove that I’m struggling to connect to the flue system. The problem seems to be the sizing of the spigot from the stove and what I put on this to make it compatible with a standard 150mm flue system. The external diameter of the spigot is 146mm and internal 133mm...
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    Upland 27 - New Project Stove and Stove Pipe fitting?

    Hi All, I was given an old Upland stove (model 27). It is in good shape and seems lightly used (just needs a little TLC for surface rust and touching up some seams with furnace cement & door seal etc). I am in the process of cleaning it up but I can't seem to find a fitting for the stove...
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    Connecting a Jotul F400 to a Selkirk 6" DSP Double wall stove pipe

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to woodstoves. I am currently installing a Jotul F400 (Single door) woodstove that I purchased used. I am planning to run Selkirk/Metalbestos stove and chimney pipe (already purchased) straight up through the living room ceiling, into a closet, and then out...