stove pipe adapter

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    Alderlea T5, Selkirk Chimney, stovepipe middle - a question!

    Hi there, Newbie here. The old stovepipe installation in my cabin failed the recent WETT inspection. Alderlea T5 woodstove below, a Selkirk chimney above, and a stovepipe in the middle -- that I don't quite understand. Single-walled pipe, 6", with an elbow turn, going up to ceiling support...
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    How to install united states stove co. model US3200E

    Hi y'all, I need some help. If someone could help me figure this out, I will be very grateful. We bought this new wood burning stove, united states stove co. model US3200E. It looks like I am going to have to install it. From floor to ceiling, it is 16 feet. There is a suspended ceiling at 10...